Announcing: The Ngô’s Servant-Leadership Award

The Ngô’s Servant-Leadership Award was created in memory of Ông Giuse Ngô Văn Võ, Bà Anna Bảy Hùynh, and Cô Anna Ngô Thị Kim Chi. These individuals were dedicated members of Liên Đoàn Phaolo Hạnh during the time when the League of Chapters was known as Miền Đông Bắc. Their contribution to VEYM was in the form of service within the roles of Trợ Tá at Đoàn Đức Mẹ La Vang and were active and well-loved members of their parish in Worcester, MA. In the year of 2020, they were called to reunite with God in heaven. We continually pray for them and with the blessing of the Ngô family, honor their lives by forming this memorial fund established in 2021. We actively seek to remember their love, dedication, humility, and service through an annual award acknowledging, rewarding, and praising the efforts of outstanding adult VEYM members who exemplify the spirit of a humble servant leader.  

Within the VEYM framework, the Brown Tua represents the concept of a humble servant leader who leads their peers by example. Often these leaders are the individuals who persevere behind the scenes doing diligent work with humility, grace, and empathy for others. They serve without complaint and are generous with their time, efforts, and love. This memorial fund places these values at the center of the selection process for award winners. For more information, please refer to the Announcement Letter.

Access the Announcement Letter for details here