Archived AN Activities

Below are a list of archived activities specifically for Ngành AN. Be sure to visit the TN’s main activity page for current activities and newly added activities.

General Activities

Au Nhi Activities
AU NHI coloring
AU NHI worksheet
Au Nhi Whats_for_lunch

Weekly Bible Lessons + Activities

Spring Activities

Growing with Love and Prayers – Assisting các em in creating a small classroom garden which they water each week.
Lenten Wreath

Advent Activities

Advent Calendar Chain:

Print each of the sheet on a different color sheet of paper (white, green, red) and link them together day by day to create an advent chain!

Advent Chain Printouts:
Advent Chain Sheet 1
Advent Chain Sheet 2
Advent Chain Sheet 3
Advent Chain Sheet 4

Advent Worksheets and Handouts

Nativity Word Scramble Worksheet
Christmas Word Search
Christmas Crossword Puzzle
Advent True False Worksheet

Craft Ideas:

  1. Snow Man Soup : Hot Chocolate Mix Activity (Teach your kids how Jesus can make you better than you were before!)
  2. Hand Print Christmas Tree Cards: Make cards and send them to your local senior residence home! Or tag team with your Chapter’s Hiệp Sĩ to create cards and letters for our military.
  3. Work with các em Hiệp Sĩ who can help các em AN decorate cupcakes to sell. Profits can be donated to a local food bank or charity organization!