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Are you looking for bible game activities and Sinh Hoạt ideas? This page is updated quarterly to help spark some ideas. Feel free to download, save, and utilize these materials.

Advent Activities for Nganh AN

Tet Trung Thu Information for Nganh Au

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Weekly Bible Activities

This game can easily be converted into a Lenten Activity. Each week, send các em home with a colored popsicle stick to help them think of all the things they are thankful for during the week that corresponds to that color on the above chart. See if they can name them the following week. Better yet, have them list them to bring them in.

Need a more active game?

This game version of freeze tag emphasizes Jesus’ ability to help us when we are in need. You can watch a video demonstration here.
1. The person who is ‘it’ will represent sin.
2. Another person who unfreezes people will be Jesus.
3. Everyone else runs around trying to avoid sin, who is able to tag and freeze people.
4. When someone is frozen, they call out “I need a Savior” and Jesus must come to unfreeze them.
5. LEVEL UP! Jesus can also BLOCK sin from tagging people.

Archived Activities

You can access our archived activities here. Be sure to visit back quarterly to view updated games and activities!