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Ngành Nghĩa Sĩ Biblical Games

By: Ryan Cao

Game #1: Blind Faith

Bible Verse: Acts 9:1-19; Saul’s Conversion
Materials: Balloons, Hula Hoops, Marker, Blindfold
Gameplay: 1. Split your nganh into 2 teams (minimum).

  1. Blow up balloons and mark them with different numbers(1-5).
    Place the same numbered balloons in hula hoops spread out across a
    large area.
  2. Select one em to be Saul for each team.
  3. “Saul” will then collect as many balloons as he can and bring them
    back to his team. “Saul” can only grab one balloon at a time.
  4. Once all the balloons have been collected, “Saul” must then be blindfolded.
  5. The rest of the team will then go to the hula hoop areas and help
    guide “Saul” and return each numbered balloon to the correct hoop.
  6. The game ends when the last team correctly places all their
    balloons in the hoop and signals the conversion to “Paul”.
  7. Teams can go at the same time to cause more confusion as well as
    encourage better teamwork/communication. This game can also go
    one at a time and compete for the fastest time.

Goal: Cac em will be going through St. Paul’s conversion to Christianity. The
collection of the balloons regardless of the number symbolizes his persecution of
all Catholics no matter age or gender. When St. Paul was blinded by the light he
had to rely on others to help him to Damascus which is shown by the group’s
teamwork and communication to help guide their blind-folded companion.

Game #2: The Great Commision Race

Bible Verse: Mt 28:5-10
Materials: Large Popsicle Sticks, Water balloons, Bucket.
Gameplay: 1. Split cac em to even teams.

  1. Each team member will pair up and grab 2 popsicle sticks each.
  2. The pairs will then make a shape that can move and support 1
    water balloon.
  3. Each pair will then move the balloon across an area and place the
    water balloon gently into a bucket.
  4. Once one pair is done and return back to the team, the next pair can
    transport 1 water balloon to the bucket.
  5. The team with the most balloons at the end wins. Popped balloons
    do not count.
  6. This game can be modified to include blindfolds and obstacles for a
    more challenging approach.

Goal: Cac em are representing the apostles after discovering the Resurrection of
Jesus. They were sent by Christ to travel far and wide to baptize the people which
is shown by transporting the water balloons. At the time the apostles still had
doubts if this was really Jesus and had their faith shaken. This is represented with
the popsicles sticks as it takes a lot of concentration to keep them balanced and
stable. Also teamwork is important as each pair depends and leans on the other for
support. Jesus supported his followers and promised to be with them until the end
of time and by doing this empowered the apostles to baptize the world in the name
of God.

Game #3: Guided Charity

Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Materials: 2 large bags of skittles, bucket, cups
Gameplay: 1. Place all the skittles in a bucket.

  1. Divide the nganh into 5 groups.
  2. Each group can scoop up one cup of skittles. It does not matter the
    size of the scoop. It can be as little or as much as the team wants.
  3. Have each team pour out the skittles on a flat surface and instruct
    them to probably divide the skittles amongst themselves.
  4. Do not give any other instructions.
  5. The objective of the game is to have each team separate the colors
    of the skittles that they possess and then switch with other teams.
  6. The game ends when each team has only one type of color skittle.
    There are 5 skittle colors hence 5 teams.
  7. Feel free to give hints relating to the number 5 or colors.

Goal: Charity is explained as God’s unlimited love for us. We all receive God’s
love and we must share this love with one another. Love needs to be patient, kind,
and unselfish. When cac em are first sorting out the skittles, they are either only
focusing on themselves or their team. It requires patience to realize that there are 5
colors and 5 teams. They then must be kind and try to give up pieces in order to
win the game. Others must be willing to not be selfish and share so that they can
get the objection together. We cannot obtain charity on our own but through
teamwork, actions, and creative thinking, anything can be achieved especially with
God’s unrequited love.

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