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Are you looking for bible game activities and Sinh Hoạt ideas? This page is updated quarterly to help spark some ideas. Feel free to download, save, and utilize these materials.

Advent Activities for Nganh TN

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Tet Trung Thu Activities for Nganh TN

Bible/Weekly Gospel Activities:

God’s voice (Team Game)

Connection to Bible: Although there are many distractions and temptations in life, if you take the
time to listen for God’s voice He will always guide you to the right path.

  1. Assign each team a word, an animal or object (ideally animals or objects with sounds
    easy to imitate ex. lawnmower, cow, etc.)
  2. Blindfold each team member and move them around the room
  3. On the whistle, the teams are to find each other using only their sounds.
  4. Objective is to find all team members.
  5. The game can be repeated with only the winning teams, or merging teams so they are
    an even bigger group.

Chúa ở đau? (Circle Game)

Connection to Bible: Remember that God and His love is everywhere and He is always with us.

  1. HT in middle points to one individual and says “Chúa ở đau?”
  2. That individual kneels and does prayer hands
  3. The person on the left and right of that person must gesture to them and respond “Chúa
    ở đay.”
  4. If they are too slow to respond then they must sit down and they are out for the
    remainder of the game.

Guess the word/phrase (Team Game)

Connection to Bible: This game can be applied to any bible story/lesson.
Ideally played on a whiteboard

  1. Away from the main group, HT gives the phrase or word to each team representative.
  2. The team representative must draw out the word, but can only draw three lines every
    a. The lines must be three separate lines (each time the marker is removed from
    the surface, it is considered a line)
    b. The lines can be curved or straight
  3. The rest of the team guesses after each round. If they do not guess the word or phrase,
    the representatives can draw another 3 lines.

Archived Activities

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