Post Camp Assignments – Damas 22

Welcome Đamas 22 Participants! Congratulations! You have completed camp! This is an exciting part of your journey in PT TNTT. On behalf of the training committee, we hope you continue your journey in faith and learning.

You should have received an email from your camp master regarding the post camp assignment. For your convenience, you can also access the announcement letter here.

Please use the post camp completion form provided here.

Things to keep in mind as you complete you post camp assignment:

  • Each participant has been granted a ‘Status of Pass’ (See section A of the announcement letter). This status was granted to you by your camp master and was emailed out upon your completion of camp.
  • Each component of the Post Camp Assignment must be documented using the Post Camp Completion Form.
  • Please read each section of the post camp assignment carefully to ensure that you complete it correctly – there are action items that need to be completed in order for your assignment to be considered complete.
  • To obtain a time log, contact the leader of the organizing committee of the event which you assisted with.
  • Please submit all forms (Post Camp Completion Form; Essay; Protecting God’s Children Certificate; Time Log; and Proof of Criminal Background Check) to Documents sent to any other address will not be processed.
  • Deadline for submissions is June 7th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. Email time stamps will be used to verify the timely submission of your documents.
  • You are responsible for completing your post camp assignment in a timely manner. BHL SMHL Damas will not be issuing reminders to camp participants.
  • Post camp assignment extensions are granted on rare occasions and in situations of emergency. Should you need an extension, please email your camp master directly. Please note, the issue of extension are at the discretion of your camp master.