Thang Cap & Tuyen Hua Protocol

 Don Xin Thang Cap HT, TT, HLV OR Trao Khan Tro Uy

LĐPH Thăng Cấp Huynh Trưởng Protocol

Currently, our promotion process requires các Huynh Trưởng, Huynh Trưởng candidates, and Trợ Tá candidates to submit their paperwork and forms to the Phó Nghiên Huấn Liên Đoàn FOUR weeks in advance of the date they wish to be promoted. After review of these documents is completed at a Liên Đoàn level, they are submitted to Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương to be reviewed a second time. Due to the multi-layered nature of the process, completion of the Thăng Cấp process can become lengthy. As a result, Liên Đoàn Phaolô Hạnh Executive committee has decided to streamline the process by instituting the following changes:

  1. Thăng Cấp ceremonies may be requested for the dates of Liên Đoàn events that include mass (Betania, Đại Hội Liên Đoàn (formerly known as Trại Miền), Đại Hội, etc.).
  2. Thăng Cấp ceremonies may also be requested at major Đoàn events (Sa Mạc Đoàn, Lễ Bổn Mạng Đoàn).
  3. Alternative dates to the ones listed above may be reserved under exceptional circumstances and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The listed changes will allow Liên Đoàn Phaolô Hạnh Executive Committee to better anticipate promotion dates and subsequently maintain a more efficient and effective promotion process. These changes will be effective as of 2018. Please note, promotion requests will still need to be submitted four weeks prior to the chosen promotion date regardless of these new amendments. Should any members of LĐPH have questions, comments, or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact Trưởng Bảo Hạnh at

Promotion Request Procedure:

We require 4 weeks notice (prior to the date you intend on having the promotion ceremony) when processing your promotion requests!

In order to successfully complete the Huynh Trưởng promotion process, please follow the following steps. Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted in a timely matter in order to be considered for promotion. To assist us in better serving you and your chapter, please make note of any relevant deadlines as listed below. This application process applies to all Huynh Trưởng in LĐPH. Thank you for your cooperation and good luck!

1. Complete your Bài Hậu Sa Mạc (Post Camp Assignment).

  • Completed assignments should be submitted to the individual designated on your Post Camp Assignment Worksheet.
  • Post Camp Assignments must be submitted in a timely matter according to the deadline listed on your worksheet (all Post Camp Assignments are different, so be sure to refer to your specific assignment for details). You may submit your Post Camp Assignment individually.
  • Post camp Assignments must be reviewed and verified before the Promotion Request Process can begin. This process is SEPARATE from the Thăng Cấp process. 

2. Complete a Đơn Xin Thăng Cấp Form (Promotion Request Form)

  • After your Post Camp Assignment has been approved by the Camp Master or designee, you will receive a confirmation email to proceed with the promotion request form. This confirmation email should be submitted together with your promotion request form.
  • Forms should be completely filled out and include Cha Tuyên Úy Đoàn and Đoàn Trưởng signature and turned into the Đoàn Trưởng at your Đoàn for submission to Liên Đoàn.
  • Ensure that the name of the Sa Mạc and the Sa Mạc code are included. This will be used to verify your attendance.
  • Completed forms should be sent to Phó Nghiên Huấn Liên Đoàn – Tr. Bảo Hạnh at at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your requested promotion date.

3. Các Đoàn Trưởng must wait for a response email letting them know that the Huynh Trưởng applications have sucessfully been processed before proceeding to the promotion at their chapters. This email will include:

  • A notice of successful processing of applications.
  • All relevant Nghi Thức
  • Notice that a member of Ban Chấp Hành Liên Đoàn will be there to perform the promotion at the Chapter’s location.

*PLEASE do not proceed unless a official notice has been sent*

It is highly recommended that all Huynh Trưởng submitting for promotion ready themselves by memorizing the Kinh Dâng Mình Huynh Trưởng and familiarizing themselves with the Nghi Thức Thăng Cấp prior to promotion.

Tuyên Hứa Ban Chấp Hành Đoàn Protocol

First and foremost, we congratulate and commend you on your sacrifice and dedication to the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement. After your chapter has voted and elected new committee members, please follow the steps outlined below. PLEASE NOTE! Voting procedures have been updated! Please review them here: Voting Procedures.

Please be aware that, in accordance to Phong Trào’s Nội Quy, only active Huynh Truong who have completed relevant training may be elected into positions in Ban Cháp Hành Đoàn.

  1. Notice of the ceremony date and an updated roster of executive board members is required to be sent to Liên Đoàn FOUR WEEKS prior to the ceremony date. Please email your new executive board information to Thư Ký Liên Đoàn – Tr. HuyThanh Tran via email
  2. Order Bổ Nhiệm Thư và new cầu vai lãnh đạo from Văn Phòng Thiếu Nhi.
  3. Await a offical email verification from Liên Đoàn containing:
    • Relevant Nghi Thức
    • Verification that a member of Ban Chấp Hành Liên Đoàn will be at your local’s chapter to conduct the inauguration of the new chapter executive board.
Commonly asked questions about thăng cấp huynh trưởng:

Q: Can I use a Liên Đoàn event and also thăng cấp at the same event?

A: Unfortunately, no. The completion of the event is required for the signature of the event coordinator. All completed signatures but be collected and submitted to Liên Đoàn, and by extension BCHTU, before the promotion process can be completed.

Q: I don’t think I’ll be able to complete my Post Camp Assignment by the deadline indicated. Can I get an extension?

A: You can request an extension by emailing your Sa Mạc Trưởng DIRECTLY. Each request is reviewed on a case by case scenario.

Q: Where can I find the deadline for my Post Camp Assignment?

A: Deadlines for Post Camp Assignments differ from camp to camp. You can find the deadline for your specific Post Camp Assignment on your Post Camp Assignment Worksheet. Additionally, you should have also received an email from the Sa Mạc Trưởng (Camp Master) regarding:

  • Your actual assignment
  • Whom to submit your Post Camp Assignment Worksheet to
  • All relevant forms

Q: How can I find my Sa Mạc Code and name of Sa Mạc?

A: The Sa Mạc code and name of Sa Mạc can be found on the camp registration form and on the “Chứng Chỉ Hoàn Tất Sa Mạc” certificate that you received after you finish the training camp.

Q: Why do I need to include my Sa Mạc code and name of Sa Mạc

A: This is for your benefit. We want to make sure that your application is processed as quickly as possible. Inclusion of Sa Mạc codes will assist us in cutting down on time researching your Sa Mạc attendance.

Q: Why do we need to send in our Promotion application at least four weeks in advance?

A: To ensure that you will be able to promote your HT on the date you requested, we need at least two weeks to process the application. This includes researching and verifying documents that have been submitted, updating databases and spreadsheets and submitting your file to TU. BCHLĐ also requires advanced notice in order to make travel plans for the BCHLĐ. We appreciate you understanding and cooperation!

Q: Where can I find the Nghi Thức for Thăng Cấp?

A: A verification email will be sent to the ĐT once applications have been processed and approved. This verification email will include the Nghi Thức. Additionally, they are available online at However, please still note that you must await a verification email before proceeding with your HT promotion.

Commonly asked questions about tuyên hứa ban chấp hành đoàn:

Q: Why do we need to send a notice to Liên Đoàn and why at least three weeks ahead of time?

A: Because a member of Ban Chấp Hành Liên Đoàn is required to be present at the inauguration ceremony, at least three weeks notice is requested so that BCHLĐ members may arrange their schedules and make appropriate accommodations. Additionally, processing and updating databases must be done. For example, if new Chapter Presidents have been elected, we would like to know to ensure proper and appropriate communication occurs in the future.

Q: Why is a verification email necessary? Can’t I just submit my notice and move on?

A: While we are glad you are excited to move forward within your chapter, it is necessary that a verification email is sent and received. This is because we want to make sure we are serving your chapter appropriately, which means that we are aware of changes that occur in your chapter. A verification email also lets you know that we have received the information and that it is possible to move forward. Everyone is on the same page!

If your question has not been answered by the F.A.Q. list above, please do not hesitate to email: We will try our best to better assist you in a timely manner.