Voting Procedures

Ban Chấp Hành Đoàn Voting Protocol

As of 2019, Phong Trào Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể Việt Nam Tại Hoa Kỳ has issued new and updated Bylaws (Nội Quy). As such, please note the following protocol regarding the voting procedures for executive committees at the chapter level:

  1. Inform Thư Ký Liên Đoàn of upcoming vote and list of potential dates and times.
  2. Thư Ký Liên Đoàn will inform BTV LĐ so that arrangements can be made for a member of BCH LĐ to be present to facilitate the voting process in conjunction with Cha Tuyên Úy Đoàn.
  3. Voting facilitator must be a neutral party who is not partaking in the voting process. See Bylaws for specifics regarding voting procedures.
  4. After voting is completed, a roster of committee members and their contact information should be sent to Thư Ký Liên Đoàn for updating.
  5. Contact Thư Ký Liên Đoàn and Phó Nghiên Huấn Liên Đoàn ̣via email to schedule a date for tuyên hứa/inauguration.